How to make B2 writing into C2 level

My students often ask me how to improve their writing level.  Writing is a process and the more a student writes the more they improve. Nevertheless, there are several helpful hints to improve sentence structure.  I have found that many students studying for C2 often just insert advanced vocabulary words into their writing without giving thought to style or logic.

Here are some helpful hints.  Obviously before doing this exercise students will need to review the following concepts:

  • How to do inversion.
  • The passive tense.
  • Adverbs of degree.
  • Figurative Language (metaphor/simile/personification).
  • Key vocabulary for the exercise.

Have them begin by working from a simple sentence structure to a complex. 

Begin with a simple sentence:
I eat cherries.

Add an adverb to the verb:
I slowly eat cherries.

Add a color/adjective to the noun:
I slowly eat blood-red cherries.

Add a clause:
I slowly eat blood-red cherries that I got from the tree.

Improve the language in the clause following the steps above:
I slowly eat blood-red cherries that I got painstakingly from the auburn maple tree in the park.

Check to see if you can improve vocabulary (verbs/nouns) to make it more complex:
I slowly savour blood-red cherries that I snatched from the auburn maple tree nestled in the park.

Invert the sentence/ improve the tense:
Blood-red cherries snatched from the auburn tree nestled in the park were slowly savoured by me.

…and Voila!  B2 becomes C2